May 26-30, 2018


A few months ago, Eric told me he had something special planned for my birthday (May 15), which turned out to be four epic nights in the Washington wilderness. This alone makes me the luckiest girl on the planet, but the fact that three of my best friends (Nicolle, Kat, and Austin) were willing to come along just made it that much more magical. I got a second little surprise when my Adventure Buddy™️ Kevin showed up, in a converted van with a brand new friend (Spencer).

Arriving at Tyehaus took my breath away. This ethereal A-frame sitting in the middle of the Skykomish rainforest was like a vision from a hazy late-spring daydream. It felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland meets Peter Pan - I kept expecting a white rabbit with a timepiece to run out of the trees, or Tinkerbell to flit past me on the deck. And don't get me started on the hot tub...what better way to unwind after hiking long trails, traipsing through waterfalls, and scrambling up wet boulders than with a glass of wine and a 104 degree open-air bathtub? Although I only spent a few nights there, thinking back on our time in this cabin gives me a distinct yearning feeling of homesickness. I should have refused to leave! Squatters rights, right...?

Olympic has been my favorite National Park (that I've personally experienced) ever since Eric and I were able to visit for a few short hours back in 2016. I was so excited at the opportunity to come back, even if it meant a rental car, a ferry, and 13 hours of driving. That's right - 13 hours. Our first full day in Washington, we drove the entire length around the park. The fact that we had five people in a car for 13 hours without killing each other is a testament to how amazing my friends are - and especially my boyfriend, who elected to drive the entire time (he's a brave man). I was so excited to show my favorite National Park to my closest friends - there's something about two of your worlds colliding that can be so full of magic. As I suspected, the park did not disappoint. Between the dense rainforests, the beautiful waterfalls at every turnout, and the almost-unreal pink and gold sunsets on the coast, our jaws were on the floor the entire day.

Being able to get away from LA for an extended weekend was the best present anyone could have gotten me, but the fact that I got to share it with my favorite people in the world made it so much more special. Tyehaus was the absolute perfect place to celebrate an otherwise fear-inducing birthday (25/quarter of a century/fuck I feel old), and inspired in me a bit of new life. I know I'm going to be coming back here at some point - maybe next time in the snow...