The Atomics @ The Roxy

June 21, 2017


Goldenvoice sent me to The Roxy on June 21 to photograph The Atomics, a family band comprised of four models-turned-rock stars (Lucky Blue Smith on drums, Pyper America and Daisy Clementine on guitars, and Queen Starlie as the band's lead vocalist). Lucky Blue is the youngest and most well-known sibling: at just 19 he has already amassed over 3 million Instagram followers, and has legions of women and modeling agencies alike lusting over his perfect symmetry and angelic features (blonde hair, blue eyes, a halo-like aura that follows him - that sort of thing).

I went into the night almost hoping that the band would not perform well (how can you be this genetically #blessed AND musically-inclined? Not fair.), but lo and behold...they fucking rocked. Pyper and Daisy looked like they were having the time of their lives being badass babe guitarists, Queen Starlie had a hypnotizing way of interacting with her mesmerized crowd, and Lucky appeared to be so in-tune (no pun intended) with his drum set that the rest of the world seemed to have fallen away. I'm not usually one to leave a concert wanting more, but these guys really know how to please a crowd. As for venue choice, The Roxy was the perfect setting, small enough to feel intimate but not so small as to make you claustrophobic/get your neighbor's sweat all over you.

At various times during the show, Pyper's proud boyfriend (Brandon Lee, son of Baywatch alum Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe founder/drummer Tommy Lee) could be heard enthusiastically yelling inspiring words of support such as "YOU'RE SO HOT" to his girlfriend as she swayed across the stage. Daisy Clementine laughed and took photos with fans mid-set. Lucky Blue took off his shirt while drumming and the crowd audibly gasped. Queen Starlie dropped to her knees during one particularly emotional song and caressed a concert-goer's cheek, then effectively seduced the entire audience with just one bat of her crazy-long eyelashes. You know, rock star shit.

After an hour or so of lighting up The Roxy's stage, the show came to an end and The Atomics took their leave (but not before Lucky Blue waded into the audience to greet the common people). They definitely exceeded my expectations, and you can bet I'll be first in line the next time this talented family has a tour stop in Los Angeles.