Brunch date #5

January 15, 2017

Eric and I have ventured on a relatively new tradition of brunch together, every single Sunday, no exceptions (#sundaysareforlovers, after all). Today was our Official Brunch Date #5, and we chose The Rose Cafe, a trendy spot in Venice that Eric had heard about from a "best breakfast cocktails" article (go figure).

The food was delicious but the atmosphere was even better. I regret not taking more photos of the inside of the restaurant - plants hanging from the ceiling, vintage-looking bar, open-air dining section. Greenery everywhere, just the way I like it. Our table even had some muted-toned flowers in a baby vase.

I started with a sparkling pinot noir. I'm usually a white wine kind of gal, but this was light and fruity and pretty perfect. Eric got pretty tipsy off a very thick (mmmmm) bloody mary. We both ordered some version of "eggs + meat/meat substitute," and happily gorged ourselves.